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The Benefit of a Keyword Analysis

A professional Keyword Analysis to identify the most relevant keywords. This step forms the foundation of any successful search engine optimization. Researching and evaluating the right keywords requires not only time but also know-how and experience. Which tools and data sources make sense here, which metrics should be taken into account, and how should they be interpreted?

The result of such an SEO Keyword Research is a comprehensive, data-driven keyword selection to which you should optimize your website. Experience shows that between 100 and 1000 (or even more) relevant keywords can be identified depending on the market environment.

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Content of the SEO Keyword Analysis

Identification of Short Tail & Long Tail Keywords

So that your products and services that you offer on your website or in your online shop are also found, your website should be optimized for appropriate search terms. With the help of an SEO Keyword Analysis, you can find out what terms your target group searches for, on Google, how often individual terms are searched for and how high the SEO competition for these terms is. Only if you know the key keywords about your products and services and build them into your website, you have a chance of being found on Google!


Data from the leading tool providers

Since Google made significant changes to the Google Keyword Planner in the summer of 2016, much has been done in the area of ​​Keyword Research. It’s not easy anymore to do a quick Keyword Analysis with Google Keyword Planner (which was never a good choice before). Since then, the major tool providers in the SEO field have been engaged in a race to provide as exact as possible keyword data, which in some cases vary significantly in the area of ​​search volumes and SEO competition agendas. I use only the best data sources for my Keyword Researches to be able to deliver the highest quality results to my clients.


Prioritization of found keywords

With the identification of relevant search terms, their search volume and the associated SEO competition data is not the end! In the final step of the Keyword Analysis, all identified (and perceived as relevant) keywords are prioritized. Including the monthly search volume, the competitive strength, and your site’s existing rankings, a score is determined that identifies the success of optimizing your website for that keyword.

This will be delivered

  • Keyword Analysis as Excel-file
  • Overview of all top 100 rankings on Google
  • Recommendations on which keywords should be optimized


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