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In order to maintain my friendships and business contacts in Paraguay, I flew back to Paraguay in early 2019. Once again I realized how fast the country is changing. New houses are being built everywhere, which is also urgently needed in the housing situation in the capital Asuncion.

But even in the country is built like crazy. When I visited friends in Colonia Independecia, they told me that since 2016 so many new (foreign) faces have appeared in this really very small village that it is now impossible to know everyone here. Previously this was possible without problems.

In particular, Germans, Austrians and Swiss are currently moving to Paraguay, which, from the perspective of emigrants, is mainly due to the demographic change in the DACH countries. In addition, Paraguay is very interesting for tax purposes (territorial taxation) and the permanent residence permit with just under € 2,000 comparatively cheap.

On the occasion to be back in Paraguay, I went directly to the dentist and let me make my teeth. Compared to Germany, the prices for dentures are extremely affordable (even without health insurance). So I had to lay as a private taxpayer only € 1,000 for a bridge and 2 crowns on the table. Also, the technical standard of my German-speaking dentist impressed me very much. I have already seen less professional dental practices in Germany.