Travel Report Korea – 2019

Mrz 8, 2019

At the beginning of January 2019, we flew to Korea with the 25-strong ONICE team (Soul) to inspect the country on the one hand and to visit a factory that will take over the production of ONICE Beauty products in the future. Our group consisted of those employees and sellers who had managed to reach the sales target within a given time. At ONICE we regularly organize such events. This kind of activity strengthens the cohesion within the company and of course also motivates the salespeople to promote the brand even more in the future (brand commitment).

Mr. Kang, the factory owner, welcomed us to his premises and showed us the research and development department, production and shipping. In addition, we (at least the ladies of our group), could test the various beauty products, which met with great enthusiasm. Mr. Kang then invited us to a traditional Korean restaurant where you sit on the floor.

During the 5 days we traveled through Korea, we visited many different businesses, businesses and farms. Also, we were in “Disneyland” Korea, but due to the large number of closed at this time of year rides met with little enthusiasm. It was also winter and extremely cold. After 5 days Korea we were all very happy to be back in warm Thailand.