• More backlinks bring better rankings in Google
  • The quality and authority of the backlinks is crucial!
  • High quality links, bring you forward in Google!
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OffPage SEO Linkbuilding - What`s that?

The topic of backlinks or backlink building is probably the most controversially discussed in the field of search engine optimization. Website operators as well as search engine optimizers know about the power of high-quality backlinks. Google knows this as well, because a backlink represents an external recommendation!

Service description

A backlink is an inbound link, i.e. a link from a website A to website B. Backlinks are very important for search engine rankings and can be understood as a kind of “recommendation”. If a website has no or very few backlinks, no relevant search engine rankings will be created. Besides, there is a risk that poor quality links also weaken the website. In the SEO Site Check, the quality of your backlink portfolio is checked to identify potentially harmful backlinks.

The subject Backlinks or Backlink building is arguably the most controversial in the field of search engine optimization. Operators of websites, as well as search engine optimizers, know about the power of high-quality backlinks. Google knows this as well, because a backlink is an external recommendation!

1. Generate high-quality content with added value and publish it on your own website in the hope that other websites will then link it. This approach is very time consuming and costly. It also requires a lot of creativity, which is often not available in many companies. Even if you succeed in creating such content, there is still the risk that it will not be found and linked by enough people. In such a case, the efforts and investments are lost!

2. Buy cheap backlinks, which are often offered in hundreds or thousands at package prices of sometimes under 100 USD. The problem with such links is the lack of effect due to the inferiority of the linking pages. Besides, there is a risk that Google recognizes the artificial link building as such, and the site in the worst case, no longer listed in Google’s search results.

3. Generate free backlinks by yourself, through entries in directories, comments in forums or blogs and the publishing of press releases in mostly open press portals. Just like the “cheap backlinks” mentioned in point 2, the effect on search engine optimization tends to zero. The majority of these portals anyway links with only a “nofollow-link”.

4. Purchase backlinks from high-quality websites and portals. This is the most comfortable and most effective but at the same time, the most cost-intensive link building option (besides creating high-quality content). Based on my experience, I limit myself today exclusively to the creation of links which comes from the high-quality and contextual website. If you are interested in such links, you can contact me for an individual offer.

Contextual links from editorially written articles, from high-quality websites.

Always depends on the type of linking and on the link provider. But usually between 2 – 6 weeks.

  • Link building is not a one-time process and should be made from several months upwards (ideally from 6 months onwards).
  • Your link building budget should link to at least 300 USD per link, ideally higher.
  • The construction of a new, high-quality link per month is the absolute minimum. To get fast effects, 2 or more links per month should be built up.

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