The quick start in SEO



Potential Analysis

Pointing out current SEO issues, outlining the current state of search engine optimization & Presentation of all current rankings.

SEO OffPage Audit

Hints for optimizing the link profile, recognizing and reducing toxic links, forwarding links in a sensible way.

Keyword Research

Identification of search terms that the target group actually searches for! How high is the search volume, the SEO competition and is it worth optimizing for these keywords?

Competition Analysis

SEO Competitive Analysis answers questions like: On which keywords do competitors optimize their websites? Where do the competitors' backlinks come from? On which keywords do the competitors bid in Google Ads?

Facebook Ads

Cost-effective advertising medium, accurate target group segmentation, full cost control, more traffic for your website/landing pages.

Landingpage Audit

Targeted analysis & optimization of individual landing pages, for maximum SEO success.

SEO OnPage Audit

Provides information about weaknesses, risks and unused potential of a website or online store. PDF report incl. instructions for action and export files.

Keyword Mapping

Staling of meta tags, H tags and the URL structure. If you wish, I will also be happy to implement the suggestions I have made in your CMS.

Backlink building

Building contextual links, from editorially written articles, from high quality websites & portals.

SEO Reporting

All SEO key figures always in view, presentation-ready format, monthly new tips for optimization in a PDF file.

Google ADs

Immediately more visitors on your website or your landing pages, direct targeting, because focusing on relevant keywords. Fair billing according to click prices.

What my customers say

We have been working with Mark for several years on various joint projects and have always called him in for SEO. He is very well positioned professionally, fast, serious and reliable. He travels a lot around the world, so now and then he can only be reached by mail or video conference. But with a well organized workflow he is always available. He implements elaborated tasks himself and ensures among other things that our customers reach the next level.
We have been working with Mark Etting for quite some time. His way of working and great commitment convinced us very much from the first moment. The analytical and conceptual implementation of projects fits perfectly with our high quality standards. Mark Etting acts on a very high level in the SEO area, uses the latest tools and gives the right recommendations. He is trustworthy, reliable and it brings a lot of fun in the common contact. We count on a strong cooperation with him also in the future.

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Contact me now!

SEO Freelancer or SEO Agency?

As an SEO freelancer/online marketing consultant, I am available to my clients for all projects in the field of search engine optimization. Unlike many SEO advertising agencies, I can respond faster and more individually to customer requests and inquiries. As a member of your already existing team or as an individual, I quickly work on your Internet projects and help you discover untapped potentials.

I carry out all services myself so that a professional implementation is guaranteed. My customer base consists mainly of online marketing agencies and website agencies. Furthermore, I`m working for my own clients, from all sorts of business areas.

My clients can expect that from me:

Several years of experience in search engine optimization
I’ve been doing search engine optimization since 2008 and have worked in online marketing agencies and in-house SEO. For the past 10 years, I have worked on more than 50 SEO projects.


A fast and efficient way of working
The work assigned to me will be implemented as quickly as possible (of course, with the claim to maintain a high quality in my work) – No weeks-long waiting times!


Fast and uncomplicated communication
CUSTOMER COMMUNICATION is written LARGE for me – I answer customer questions as quickly as possible, of course, free of charge – weekdays, I am available to my customers via Skype and email!


Always up to date
SEO is a swift developing discipline in the online marketing mix. Google alone changes its algorithm several hundred times a year. I deal daily with the latest developments, changes, and trends in SEO and repost the most critical articles on my Twitter channel.


No oppressive contract
You pay only for services provided (no long-term contracts).


Transparent way of working
All measures and implementations are listed, including the required number of hours and sent to you together with my invoice. So, you are always in the picture about what I will charge for my services.


Google policy compliant way of work
No dubious Black Hat or Gray Hat action that could ban your projects from the Google Index.


No promises that can not be kept
I will not promise to get you into position 1 with your favourite keywords on Google, but I’ll work towards that goal with all the options I have.


Easy to explain complicated SEO topics
It is essential to me to explain the work and the need for optimizations to my customers as naturally as possible. Only if the customer understands what is being done, we can create a long-term, trusting and transparent cooperation together.

Agency customers can additionally expect this from me

I will appear on your behalf with your customers
If you are the owner of an agency and want to pass on my services to your customers, I will, of course, add your logo and address to my services, especially on my Keyword Analysis and my SEO Audits.


Longterm cooperation
Are you looking for a reliable SEO manager for long-term collaboration? I`m looking for that, too!


Compliance with deadlines
After placing your order, we will set a period together. This determines the latest completion time of my work. Most of the time, I will deliver before the deadlines expire.


White Labeling of my service portfolio
Upon request, I adjust my service portfolio graphically for my agency clients so that it is tailored to your CI (colour and logo). So the agencies that work with me can save a lot of time and effort and directly acquire new customers with my service portfolio.

Online Marketing Consultant & Online Marketing Freelancer

A competent online marketing consultant should recognize the needs of his customers immediately. He also should know about as many online marketing disciplines as possible and not only know about a specific one. Before I became self-employed as an Online Marketing Freelancer, I acquired the majority of my knowledge autodidactically. In my bachelor (Business Administration) and master studies (dialogue marketing and communication management), I have learned the basics of traditional marketing.

While working in a Munich agency and the subsequent time in the SEO team of Switzerland’s largest e-commerce company, I’ve been able to apply many things that I only knew theoretically so far in practice and test their effectiveness. Today I am not only engaged with SEO and SEA but also with the creation of bots, to simplify and speed up work processes on the Internet. Besides, the video editing/creation is another focus in which I invest a lot of time and is often used in customer projects.